Let's Make your Pet's Teeth Sparkle!

Does your dog or cat have bad breath? Are they having a hard time chewing or seems like they're chewing on only one side of their mouth? Sounds like they may need their teeth checked. Just like us, Dogs and cats can have plaque or tartar buildup. Now, imagine if we didn't brush our teeth daily? Gross, right?!

Only 2% of dog owners brush their dog's teeth daily. Only 27% of pet owners have a toothbrush for their cat or dog. So, with these statistics it looks like the people who have the tools to brush their pets teeth, just don't do it. 24% of owners admit they provide no dental care for their dogs.

The thought of trying to brush your pets teeth can seem stressful for not only you, but your pet as well. There are so many ways to prevent having oral problems. Anything from a special prescription food, daily oral dental chews and of course, dental cleanings. It is very important to stay on top of your pets overall oral hygiene, because lack of care can cause serious problems to their major organs - kidneys, liver and heart! And as a reminder, it is cheaper to prevent than it is to treat!

During the month of February we are offering $50 off a dental cleaning and a FREE bag of the Science Diet T/D dental food. Call us today so we can make your pets teeth sparkle!

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