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Routine laboratory testing such as fecal flotations and heartworm tests diagnose internal parasites. Vaccinations, a hallmark of preventative medicine, are used carefully and selectively to prevent serious contagious diseases. We follow the vaccination guidelines put out by the major veterinary teaching hospitals in America. The vaccine types recommended and the frequency of vaccination vary depending on the lifestyle of the pet being vaccinated, i.e. indoor vs outdoor pets, travel plans, kennel/boarding plans, and underlying disease conditions such as immune-mediated diseases or pre-existing infections such as FIV infection. Because these factors may change over time, we recommend the vaccination plan for each individual pet be decided upon by the owner and the veterinarian at routine annual examinations.

Common reasons for pet surgery:

  • Foreign body removal.
  • Spay and neuter.
  • Trauma repair.
  • Tumor or skin biopsy.

What does surgery involve?

Surgery for pets is very similar to surgery for humans. During the pre-operative appointment, the necessary preparations for surgery will be discussed. If your pet is having anesthesia, fasting will be required, and we request that you inform us of any medications your pet is taking. With some surgeries, an overnight stay at our facility is necessary so we can continue to monitor your pet’s recovery. If this is required with your surgery, you will be notified during your pre-operative appointment.

We believe that pain management is a critical aspect of recovery. We make an added effort to provide your pet with superior comfort. If we feel that post-operative pain management would be beneficial to your pet, we will prescribe additional medication.

Upon the completion of surgery, you will be informed of all care instructions for recovery. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s surgery, or would like to schedule a surgery, please contact our office.

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