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Providing Everything You Need

Lab Diagnostics

We provide quality diagnostic services for cats and dogs. During an exam, the doctor may want to run a lab test using a sample of your pet's blood, urine, fecal, hair, or skin. Whether your pet is sick or healthy, these tests are really important to see your pet's health status.

Laser Therapy

"Laser therapy is specific wavelengths of light to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal." - K.Laser 

Laser therapy has been used in speeding up the healing process for post-surgery, hip dysplasia, disc disease, fractures, and degenerative joint disease. It is non-invasive, has no chemicals & environmentally friendly. It reduces swelling, and bruising and is good for arthritic and joint pain. Laser therapy promotes faster healing in burns, abrasions, and other trauma. The best healing option for your pets!

Internal Medicine

Whether it is weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, heart disease, coughing, kidney/liver disease, or urinary problems, Dr. TK takes the time to thoroughly evaluate these issues. If it is chronic or sudden signs, we are devoted to your pet's overall health!


We keep our in-house pharmacy well-stocked for all of your pet's needs. Call the office to refill any of your previous meds! 

Request refills through your VitusVet account!

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