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Feline Vaccinations

Feline Vaccinations - Animal Health Center of Salisbury - Salisbury, MA


By vaccinating our pets, we are ensuring that they are immune to different, possibly fatal diseases if/when they get exposed to them. It costs less to prevent diseases than it does to treat them!



Rabies is a severe and often fatal disease that affects the brain and central nervous system. Massachusetts requires that both cats & dogs receive their rabies vaccination as early as 6 months of age. A second vaccine is recommended after 1 year and then boosters every three years.



A life-threatening disease that affects domestic cats as well as some wild animals. It is very contagious among cats by urine, feces, mucus, blood, etc. The Feline Distemper virus is not the same as the virus that causes the canine distemper and does not transmit to humans.



A disease that impairs the immune system and can cause certain types of cancer. Symptoms include anemia, lethargy, weight loss, enlarged lymph nodes, etc. The virus will weaken the cat’s immune system which can lead to possibly fatal diseases. 

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